Steam VR has just been released and we have some screenshots and how to install details below.

Steam: How to try Steam VR

As of the most recent Steam Client Beta steam now supports an experimental VR mode. If you own an Oculus Rift dev kit you can try it out by starting Steam with “-vr” on the command line. Then press the Big Picture button to enter Big Picture + VR mode.

The first time you run you may need to do the following:
1) Run Steam in the desktop client without the -vr option
2) Find “SteamVR” under “Tools” in your library. (If you don’t have it installed, install it.)
3) Bring up properties on SteamVR and opt-in to the “Beta Update” beta. Let the update download.
4) Quit the Steam Client again and start it with -vr


Have you tried this out? If so, how did it work for you?



  1. When I try to open Steam from terminal with the -vr appended to the command, terminal throws the invalid option error and does not open Steam. How can I fix this?


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