I recently had the chance to check out a new alpha title known as “Rust”. Rust is the product of FacePunch studios, the same people who gave us Garry’s Mod. Rust is a multi-player survival game where users are forced to craft items and shelter to survive or be forced to experience horrible death by the many, many horrible things in the world of Rust. If it isn’t zombies, it’s bears, or wolves, or boars or radiation…. Or radioactive zombie-wolf-bears… (Get on it, devs.)

First day in I met a group of people who gave me tons of supplies then brutally murdered me and laughed over voice chat, as discouraging as that was I trudged on to find out more about this game and what made it so popular in only a couple of weeks. When you spawn in you start off with a rock, some bandages, and a torch, it’s up to you to gather wood and other materials to survive the many horrors mention above, all this PLUS a character with the durability of a toddler. Fuuun. woo.


Currently the game is still in alpha, it released later December and for an alpha release, surprisingly, it works. The underlying features and mechanics work flawlessly… Or so they seem. There are a FEW minor clipping issues, minor lag when in the presence of other players or a group of hostile mobs, it seems to be locked at 20 FPS and the aggro range of the hostile mobs tend to last forever… Not to mention the sound effects, Below minimal… but other than that there are no major, noticeable issues with it. Though I still stand by my principle of NEVER, EVER. EVER. paying for alpha/beta releases, in this case I’m inclined to make an exception because of the following reasons:

1.) It works.


That’s all we need from a game, right? All we ask as consumers is that the content in which we consume works and for $20 you really aren’t losing much. The graphics are beautiful and the island is magnificent! The thing that entices me the most is the fact that they pretty much just took DayZ (Which also just released as a standalone) and added crafting, mining and building. Kind of reminds us of another pretty popular open world survival game, huh?  And aside from that, all the crafting mechanics seem to be just fine as does the mining, though I would PERSONALLY like to see some changes with the mining speed and combat, as well as the durability of your character and seeing some tweaks to the aggro range on the hostiles. These really aren’t important as they don’t take away from the actual experience of the game, in fact they may even make it even more realistic!  Oh, and did I mention that no matter what animal you kill, it gives you chicken. I have yet to see a single chicken in the game.


The replay value is there. This is the type of game where no matter what you can only make progress. There’s no story, no linear characters, no ending at least not currently. No matter how many times you die or lose your stuff, you can only keep going. I think that’s where the appeal to Minecraft is. This is the same for other similar games like DayZ and 7 Days to Die, so it isn’t really that surprising why so many people are so drawn to this game. Apparently survival is really popular. Good for guys preparing for the inevitable future!

The multi player experience is pretty okay. Its ONLY multiplayer! The people are just bad. Worst than DayZ, minecraft, CoD and WoW combined. That or I’m just a weenie. That was a BIT of an exaggeration. The servers tend to be pretty tame, ambushes and impromptu showdowns with other players is rare, night ambushes are not. I got ambushed both in-game nights I spent before recording and moving servers. I suggest hosting your own server for you and your friends if you don’t want to deal with jerks and trolls. It would be nice to see an option to host a server kind of like Gmod. That would make my life so much easier.


If you can get past the trolls, bad sound effects and 20FPS lock then this is the perfect game for you! The point of these types of reviews are typically to try to save you from bad purchases, but in all honesty, it all comes down to you. You may like these types of games and be a DayZ pro who’s seeking a new experience or a different map or whatever! I personally would recommend this  game to anyone who may be interested but really it’s up to you. What do you think? Is this alpha release worth $20? Tell us why! Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to read them and maybe even give this game a second go a few patches in the future!

The Bottom Line: 4.5 out of 5 stars. This game is still in alpha so it’s hard to say much about it, but from what I’ve seen so far, it seems to work. Docking .5 of a star for bad multiplayer experience.



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