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Earlier today, the internet was introduced to a security bug in OpenSSL programming called “HeartBleed“. You can read up on the bug HERE but to make it quick, Heartbleed is a vulnerability that can easily result in compromised user accounts by stealing login and personal information.

It didn’t take long after journalists starting posting articles warning of Heartbleed for the bug to be exploited  in various places, including Steam. The security hole has been around for a long time, but as word spread, it was taken further advantage of. Just an hour ago my copy of South Park: The Stick of Truth had it’s name changed to “valve please reset all partner logins because heartbleed”. The same name change had occurred earlier in the day on a few other games. Valve quickly expressed that they were aware and working on the issue. It is likely that the name changes were made on purpose by developers to warn Valve, but there is also the possibility that hackers did it as a way to taunt Valve.

Now, the names of all games appear to be fixed and Valve has said that the Heartbleed issues have been dealt with. Their advise to all users is to change your password and use Steam Guard if you’re not already. If you do use Steam Guard, you should immediately de-authorize all other Computers through Settings>Account>Manage Steam Guard Account Security.

This post will be updated if events change. Please be careful out there. This exploit is very wide spread and should be taken seriously.



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