The broadcast of your videogame matches are now possible with Steam. Yes!, you read it!, Valve’s platform activates its own streaming system testing phase, through its beta program and is accessible to all users to allow emissions of their games. Steam goes a step further in their community features and business field, this time the raid they do is in the field of video content.

You will see how people plays live via the Steam client or using the web browers, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. In addition to accessing the broadcasts through the friends list, you can also go to the new Activity section of the Community where all appear. To use Steam Broadcasting, you will need a Steam account not banned and at least a purchased game. By the moment, Steam Broadcasting does not offer the ability to archive the gameplay or monetize streaming.

For now the system is in beta phase, so you could submit changes from the final version, after receiving feedback from users. Besides the bandwidth will be limited so you will not even be able to compete on equal terms with Twitch, however its ease of use as well as the expectation that generated your ad, shows that could become a headache for this Finally.



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