Steam Monster Summer Sale 1

Steam Monster Summer Sale is here to make you completely broke for the month of June! The sale is going on from June 11th through the 21st, so pray a pay day falls in between!

The Daily Deals will last 24 hours and your flash deal are available for 12 hour intervals.

Steam Summer Sale Monster Game

The new addition this time is the Summer Monster game, here are the rules and rewards according to Steam:

  • Join a game and fight the enemy monsters as you help your team level up, unlock new abilities, and achieve community milestones. Plus, get Summer Sale Trading Cards just for playing.
  • The more damage you do to the enemies, the more your team benefits. Plus, special abilities can heal your teammates or boost everyone’s damage and help the whole team level up faster.
  • Defeat monsters, activate abilities, reach new worlds, and complete other event milestones to help unlock special game discounts for everyone.
  • Increasing the level of your Summer Sale badge by crafting Summer Sale trading cards will grant you additional abilities and rewards in the Monster Game.