Just minutes ago via the Steam In Home Streaming Group was an announcement offering a bit of good news for those looking to take advantage of the in home streaming options offered by Steam. In a nutshell, in home streaming allows Steam users to turn on their main gaming rig and stream the gameplay to a lesser powered computer or laptop in the home. This is an excellent feature for people who want to play high spec titles on their lower quality laptops as they lay in bed.

Below we are featuring the announcement posted moments ago via Steam:


The Stream In-Home Streaming feature is now in open beta! Anyone who opts into the Steam Client Beta and downloads the latest update (dated April 30) on all their computers, can play with this feature. 

We have lots more we want to do with this feature, but we believe that it’s useful to lots of customers and want to make it available to everyone. 

Please check out the support article before reporting issues

Please report any issues on the bug discussion group


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