How many of you out there consider yourself hardcore gamers?  Maybe even hardcore Steamers?  It’s safe to assume many of you, since we just learned there are now 75 million active users on the greatest gaming network in the world.  No matter how great you think you are though, everyone can always learn something new.  We thought it would be cool to show you how you can not only remotely install your games from any web browser but also from the Steam mobile Android and iPhone app’s.

To kick off a remote download, simply visit your Games list on the Steam Community site, which can be accessed from your own profile using a web browser or the Steam mobile app on iOS or Android. If logged into the latest update of the Steam client on a PC or Mac, there you’ll see which games are currently installed, and have the ability to install others from your library. Or, seamlessly complete your online purchase with remote installation: When a remote session is detected, the Steam store will ask whether you’d like to download your new purchases immediately.

Let us know if you give it  shot!


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