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Yes, Steam Broadcasting Goes Live! For some time, playing video games is much more than connecting a console and pressing a few buttons. Now, thanks to the Internet and new technologies, playing games is often to share our experience with either friends or any other player in the world through a handful of social functions and streaming services.

It is therefore not surprising that Valve has found another seam to be mined for its Steam platform, the absolute queen in the world of PC games. Thus was born the Steam Broadcasting service that allows us to share our games with the world completely free and live.

Actually, its central scheme is the same as that offered by other platforms like Twitch, except it’s to be 100% integrated with Steam. The service uses our existing friends list to determine who gets to see our masterful play, and offers various modes of privacy and chat to the spectators.

Here’s the info on the latest patch that includes this new feature:


  • Added Steam Broadcasting. See for more info.
  • Added in-game FPS counter to Steam Overlay
  • When Steam has internally scheduled a game update to be queued sometime in the future, the UI will now display a note to the user indicating that time
  • Fixed a crash preventing 64-bit Steamworks games from launching on older AMD processors
  • Fixed starting Steam if instance is already running in other local Windows user session
  • Fixed restoring game specific hardware mouse cursors when exiting the in-game overlay
  • Fixed errors in web views not localizing properly
  • Fixed occasional crash when trying to validate your email address
  • Fixed rendering the Steam Overlay in some D3D8 games.
  • Updated Windows Compatibility warnings
  • Improved synchronization and smoothness of video playback
  • Reduced CPU usage when drawing animated images or videos
  • Reduced CPU usage when interacting with the main Steam client window

Source:[Valve Time]


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