Starpoint Gemini 2, one popular and well received result of the Steam Greenlight project, has just been updated will a rather large set of features and graphical alterations. This brings the game to version 0.6011 which is being called the “Advanced Alpha” build.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is a sci-fi starship simulation game with heavy RPG elements. You create your own captain and explore the universe in your own ship, which you must defend against rouge factions and what remains of the Empire. Sounds a bit cliché, but any fan of Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds should be interested in the opportunity to tame lawless space like it’s the wild west. It’s currently an “Early-Access” game which means that it is still in a developmental phase and prone to bugs and frequent updates.

Changes in this new version include the following. You can read the complete change-log HERE:

  • Graphic and gameplay anomalies redesigned and updated
  • Local security ships now check passing ships for illegal goods including the player, and will demand that the ship jettisons the cargo if contraband is found
  • Skill & Perk respect panel has been added to stations, so players can test out different skill setups. Skill & Perk points can be reset for a price
  • Boarding mechanics have been updated with various random micro-events that can fire off, to change the course of on-ship battles
  • Ships “drop” derelicts more frequently when exploding and all ships now have proper derelict models

To celebrate this version milestone the developer, Little Green Man Games, has launched a user-powered Hero Contest. Fans of the game can submit details, back-story, and an image for a character of their own creation. The entry with the most votes by March 14th will see their character implemented into the game and their own name in the credits.



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