Selling already used Steam titles as “used games” has been a pretty controversial topic these days. People have been able to argue each side of this issue fairly well leaving many undecided on the topic. I personally have my own opinion and am here to share it as a SteamFirst rep.

Starting my gaming career as a console gamer molded me into the person who would play a handful of games, and when they began to collect dust on my shelf, sell them and put the funds toward a new title. Part of the reason behind this action was the high price tag I paid to be a console gamer. (System cost, Live cost, hefty Game price tags) Since I have made the switch to Exclusive Steam gaming my mindset has changed completely.

Being a true Steam gamer is not only playing games via the Steam interface. A true Steam gamer connects with community members via Steam, plays games on Steam, shares and trades games with friends and family, sells trading cards, kills their mobile phone battery from always running the Steam app, and most importantly, becomes a collector of Steam titles. My Steam collection is nearing 300 titles, more games than I will probably every get to, but it is still not enough. Many Steam gamers look forward to Steam sales and Bundle packages which can help beef up their collection. We don’t have the mindset to sell our games, only to continue collecting.

One of the greatest things that Steam has to offer is fair prices and regular sales on their titles. We all look forward to the winter, spring, summer and autumn sales that Steam offers and often check daily to see what titles are being offered at a discount on any given day. If Steam were to allow the sale of used steam keys, you have to wonder if these sales would have to slow down or even stop completely. I personally would prefer to not be able to sell my used keys and to continue with the sales and great deals that Steam regularly offers. Anyway, family sharing offers us the ability to share our titles with friends and family as well as have content shared with us. Can’t beat that.

In addition, game devs put in an insane number of hours creating titles, especially those indie devs, and when it comes down to it, they deserve to get paid for their title. Selling keys used takes the money away from the devs leaving them with nothing from that sale. This just doesn’t seem right.

As I stated earlier, this is my opinion and I am sure that there are plenty of people who would go the other way in this discussion, which brings me to the next piece. Below is a quick poll to help us get an idea as to who is for and who is against the ability to sell used Steam keys. Be sure to enter your opinion in the poll and if you have something more to add, please do so in the comment section below.

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  1. Exactly my point of view. The industry has changed in nearly every way. I tend see consoles as being in a backward age even today and that a used game market only makes sense there.
    Only thing I’d add is that many indie developers do release their games in DRM-free format. Funny thing is, though, that I only tend to really care about the Steam version because it becomes a part of my Steam collection. In facet, I have introduced a couple of people to Indie games by giving them a copy of the DRM-free version, but once they see that same game on a Steam sale for $2, they grab it.


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