Sanctum 2, a tower defense title created by Coffee Stain studios recently discussed their titles success and how the majority of their sales came via Steam. Coffee Stain Studios is also the developer of the recently hot title Goat Simulator.

95% of Sanctum 2’s sales came via sales on Steam / PC.

Below you will see a conversation that Johannes Aspeby had discussing how the exposure of their title via Steam sales and front page recognition helped aid in their titles success. Here is another example of how the front page advertisement on the Steam site holds a huge value. This brings up the concern that we have mentioned before here on the site regarding how older titles are being dumped onto Steam, taking up valuable featured new release space. When these “rebooted” titles, some from as early as the 90’s get put onto Steam, they push true new releases further down and eventually off the page. This is a concern that the Cynical Britt has discussed in some of his recent videos.

Coffee Stain Studios Johannes Aspeby made the following statement regarding the topic:

“In retrospect the console ports were a bad idea. We’ve made about 95 percent of our revenue from PC, so having a day 1 port is not something we want to do again.” 

“Since the consoles weren’t able to deliver the game we wanted them too, the game had to take some hard punches. Limitations on how many enemies we could have and introducing a tower cap wasn’t something we wanted to introduce, but were forced to since we couldn’t release a different version of the game on Steam.”

He continued to state to Gamasutra that

“It could be because visibility is much easier to get on Steam with daily deals, free weekends, etc, compared to consoles, where we got pretty much no visibility at all,”




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