According to some reliable anonymous sources, Valve may be in talks to buy, or at least exclusively license, the Oculus Rift virtual-reality technology. The reasons for this, aside from the obvious gains on both sides, is to bypass a certain patent or license that Oculus VR owns. It would seem, but has not been confirmed, that without Valves direct involvement the Oculus Rift may have some trouble going forward.

Valve had reportedly been developing their own Oculus-like VR headset, but they since squashed that rumor by officially supporting the Oculus Rift during their Steam Dev Days conference in January. Valve promised to work with Oculus VR to make the technology mainstream “within two years”. Currently, Oculus VR is hoping to release the product by the end of 2014.  Even though the headset is not yet a commercial item, Valve has already added VR support to the Half-Life series and Team Fortress 2.

Founded by Palmer Luckey, a Head-Mounted-Display engineer from the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies, Oculus VR began development in earnest following a demonstration of its prototype headset at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and subsequent Kickstarter campaign which remains one of the fastest to reach full funding. Luckey has gained of support of some of the industries biggest names such as John Carmack and Cliff Bleszinski,  but he and his company have always had a close relationship with the Valve Corporation as they both pioneer separate technologies with a similar goal: to fundamentally change, for the better, the way we all play video games, consume media, immerse ourselves in story, and who knows what else. They seem like a perfect pair, don’t ya think?




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