CES 2014 was a big venue for Valve this year.  They took the full wrap off their soon to be released Steam Machine initiative, including showing off the current Steam Machines in production from various partners.  When Valve announced their 13 Steam Machine partners at CES 2014 there were a few notable names that did not make the initial list.  The first two that come to mind are Lenovo and HP.

Lenovo currently top’s the PC market in share percentage, sitting at about 18% globally, with HP sitting just below them at 16% and Dell rounding off the top three at 12%.  We can leave Dell out of a possible run at Steam Machines, for now, as their sister company Alienware currently has a Steam Machine in production.  With two of the top global PC makers in the world not being a part of the initial bakers dozen of partners, could they be cooking up their own SteamOS compatible machines with a second run of makers for later in the year or perhaps next year?  All sign’s point it… maybe.

They likely want to see how sale’s are for the initial batch of partners and take a “wait and see” approach to this new segment in the PC gaming market.  PC gaming rig’s have always been on the pricier side of custom configuration’s and with Steam Machines ranging in price from $499 to as much as $2000 it is a good bet they want to see which start to fly off the shelves first.  When it comes to PC gamers the lower the price the better it will sell does not seem to be the case.


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