Race To Mars Preview I always imagined a space race would be something exciting like the movies Armageddon or Apollo 13. But I suspect the actual business end is just as dull and unfulfilling as the movies Armageddon or Apollo 13. Hopefully, Race To Mars, Intermarum’s first space industry managment simulator will eventually change my mind.

The game is currently in ‘early development’ which means there’s not enough finished to actually understand how the end product will shape out. But there IS enough to see where the developers are trying to go… and it’s a noble goal: Do for the space industry what Football Manager and Racing Manager did for their respective sports.

The concept is simple yet challenging. You play the CEO of a new space company with your eye on reaching Mars in your lifetime. To get there, you need to raise funding, hire the right people, build facilities, research technology, and navigate the ups and downs of public affairs. Press conferences, natural disasters, political upheaval and other unpredictable factors randomly surface and either deliver a defining blow in good or bad directions, or offer you an opportunity to spin the situation to your advantage.

While most of the game is played out in report screens and management controls, there IS a slight level of graphic polish here that makes this game a bit more easy on the eyes. When you have completed your selections and commands for the month, you end your turn. This send the sun down on your luscious campus and a beautiful dance of days and nights play with the shadows of your buildings and the ripples of the water.

Still, there is MUCH that must be done here before this game will deserve it’s $20 price tag. Menus and report screens can only be tolerated for so long and eventually tasks will grow pointless and tiresome unless some form of graphic reward is presented for every month. But there is promise here and I am looking forward to playing the completed game.


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