QuestRun is an RPG released on Steam for $8.99 as of April 18, 2014 and was developed by Cuve Games. QuestRun is a fairly casual styled point and click, RPG which has you managing a team of three warriors as they take on waves of attacking enemies. In this game you will not physically be battling any enemies yourself but instead be in charge of equipping your warriors with the most suitable weapons, armor, powers and upgrades as they take on the incoming waves themselves. Arrange your warriors in the positions which will allow the most appropriate battle match ups based on the enemy strengths and weaknesses.  Below I will break down my likes and dislikes of QuestRun to help determine if this title is worth a purchase or not.



The Good: 

  • Graphics: QuestRun is comprised of a crisp, colorful and cartoon styled environment which offers comfortable grounds to battle within.
  • Sound: The music both in menu and in game is excellent, entertaining and fun. It makes spending time managing the battles even more enjoyable.
  • Required Specs: I own a high end PC which I use to play many of the latest high spec games that are released. The great thing about QuestRun is that I was able to play on my laptop, one which has absolutely no graphic / gaming abilities. Sometimes it is nice to be able to just relax and play a more casual styled game on the couch with your laptop on your lap.
  • Point and Click: Again on that casual tip, point and click makes the game relaxing and adds to the overall casual feel.
  • Shop: Like many addicting games, QuestRun has a store where you can spend your in game earned gold to buy upgraded weapons, armor and abilities.
  • Replayability: is decent in the game. After beating a level you can always go back and find better ways to engage in battle, earning you more coins, power ups and collectibles.



The Bad:

  • Menu: Well, there isn’t one. When the game begins you basically have the option to either play the game, visit the shop, look at the achievements or check out the credits. It would be nice to have some options to modify the game to your liking. The game is point and click, so this isn’t the biggest issue since key binding adjustments are not necessary, but it is worth noting.
  • Windowed: Gameplay is only available in a windowed mode. You can extend this to the full screen but an actual full screen option is always nice. Again, not a game breaker but worth taking note.
  • Excitement: In the good section above I mentioned a lot about the game being casual. To some this is a great thing but for others it leaves something to be desired. This is not a game like Dungeon Defenders where you run around and assist in the battle, but more of a management styled battle experience.


In summary, this is a fun game for people looking to have a relaxing game experience. If you are looking for an exciting battle where you plan to hack and slash your enemies, this is not the game for you. We all enjoy different types of games, and to be honest, I do not usually play games like QuestRun, but I did find my time in game enjoyable. All gamers can use a more relaxing game experience from time to time.

Overall Score: 3.5 / 5


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