Teaching a person a new skill or explaining how to use a piece of software is no simple feat. Teaching an undetermined amount of people a computer OS (operating system) using a computer software is in a league of its own. In order to successfully teach every person who uses your teaching software, you need to utilize the three major learning styles and account for the base knowledge of the student, while finding a way to keep the lessons engaging for every person who decides to go through your program. Professor Teaches Windows 10 understood these facts and gave it a valiant attempt. Although it failed to hold my attention throughout every lesson, I came out of the experience with all the knowledge that I would ever need in order to use Windows 10 to its full potential. At the end of the day, that was the goal of this software. My biggest issue was the difficulty of progressing through every lesson in order to obtain this knowledge.


 The program’s structure 3/5

Professor Teaches Windows 10’s approach to teaching how to use this OS is pretty straight forward. You start on a menu that clumps the 60 available lessons into eight categories, ranging from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Working with Applications and Accessories’. Each category is broken up into multiple lessons starting with the bare essentials and then gradually building from there. The program’s interface is very easy to navigate and is set up in a way to minimize any confusion. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, there is an index and glossary built-in which can be used to skip straight to the section you’re looking for. If for some reason the layout of this program is confusing to you, there is a 30 minute lesson on how to use this teaching software.

When it comes to providing the information needed to utilize windows 10 to its full potential, this program succeeded on every front. If this is your first time ever using a Window OS, or even the first time using a computer, going through every lesson provided in this software will ensure that you will leave this experience confident and trained on how to use Windows 10 effectively. The issue is that this is not made for people like me. If you have advanced knowledge with a past version of Windows or have been using computers most of your life, 80 percent of the information in this program will be useless to you. There was still plenty of helpful information that I was unaware of at the time of using this software, but I would have been able to figure out most of it on my own in a shorter timeframe. I would confidently say that for every hour I spent with Professor Teaches Windows 10, I only came across 10-20 minutes of useful information. The rest was basic knowledge that I learned in middle school.


Learning Styles 4/5

In order to create a successful teaching tool, one must account for every type of learning style and cater to each individually by finding the proper balance. I feel like Professor Teaches Windows 10 understood that need and gave it a valiant attempt. For visual learners, this software made sure to provide screenshots and helpful icons to support the information provided. If you are the type of visual learner that obtains information by reading instead of hearing it, you can mute the dialog and proceed through the lessons in that manner as well. For auditory learners, this software was also fine-tuned for you as well. The dialog used throughout each lesson was clear and easy to understand. The voice used had an aura of authority to it, causing every word he said to hold a sense of value. If you ever had a teacher that sounded unsure while speaking, or was addressing the class as a fellow peer, you would understand why that fact was worth mentioning. For hands-on learners, this program would also be very useful. Since this is the type of learning style that works best for me, I appreciated the amount of effort they put into adding these elements into each lesson. For example, when learning how to use Microsoft Edge (the new version of internet explorer), you would have to hover over each icon in order to learn its function, and there was a couple points where you had to go through the steps to use a function instead of the lesson simply telling you how to use it. When learning how to utilize files effectively in windows 10, you had to move, delete and copy them yourselves along with being told how to accomplish these tasks.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 07.56.37

Each lesson found a pretty steady balance between each learning style that worked pretty well. As a hands-on learner, I had no complaints. The only thing I couldn’t say for sure is how effective this set-up would be for a strictly auditory or visual learner. Having the other features that didn’t benefit their style of learning may detract from the experience for them. The only major issue I had with the program was how dry it was throughout. Each lesson felt like I was in a classroom with a boring teacher that I was forced to listen to. Sure, when I was learning elements that I was interested in, I had no issues with this fact and was content with the program. My issue was the other 80 percent of my time with this program, when I was being told stuff I already knew simply from the hour I spent messing with windows 10 on my own. I strongly believe that teacher should be fun and engaging, and I wish this program attempted to utilize their resources more to achieve that. At the end of the day, the people buying this product choose to buy it, and they are not required to sit through the whole thing, so it’s the job of the developer to give their customers a reason to continue through each lesson.


Final thoughts


I truly feel like this software was not meant for me. Normally when I get a new OS or program, I fiddle around with it for a couple days, learning and stumbling across every feature myself. Once I feel like I have a solid grasp on how to use it, and once I figured out everything I could on my own, I turn to YouTube to teach me the rest. I felt like using this software to learn Windows 10 become a drawn-out process that was going over information that I already knew.

That being said, I give the developer props for how information-rich each lesson was. There is almost no way you could go through every lesson in this software and still be confused on how to use Windows 10. They made sure to provide the information in a way that is user friendly and would be easy to digest no matter the type of learner you are. If you feel like you would much rather learn how to use your new OS in a classroom-like setting, then this software is for you. For only 10 dollars, it’s a great deal that’s hard to pass up. You can check it out here for yourself. If you are someone that has a vast amount of computer knowledge, then I suggest you just fiddle around with the OS yourself and do a couple Google searches if you’re looking for a select piece of information.

Overall Score 3.5/5

Overall rating
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