I won’t say much about this as I would like to avoid getting too deep into speculation myself. But as we get closer to that special time of year where the major players in the video game industry spread out their biggest announcements over a series of events like E3, leaks and rumors become more and more meaningful. Especially anything that suggests what Valve may have to reveal about Source 2 and, really, any game with a “3” at the end.

Source2_Directory“TestingLOL”, a user on the FacePunch forums, has posted a screen-grab of what is said to be the root file structure for the Source 2 engine. I have been unable to track down the originator of this image but it seems no one else has either, as other news outlets have linked only to this post. While it’s really no secret that Valve is developing a new Source engine, it is interesting to see “HL3” and “Left4Dead3” among the folders. Perhaps even more intriguing is the inclusion of other, current Valve titles. This may suggest that these games could see an updated re-release in much the same way the original Counter Strike and Half-Life did when the first version of Source was used for Half-Life 2.

This follows a late January post by NeoGAF user and fairly accurate leaker, “Crazy Buttocks On A Train” (likely not his Christian name). His post showed what appears to be a PowerPoint slide-show of Left 4 Dead 2 running on the Source 2 engine. This has since been confirmed by a number of people to be real but also that it is a few years old.

What do you think all this means? Even if these leaks are hoaxes, we know Source 2 is in the pipe – so to speak. Do you think Valve will reveal Source 2 soon? What about Half-Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3? What could Source 2 mean for Left 4 Dead 2,  Team Fortress, Counter Strike, or DOTA? Let us know in the comments.


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