I hope you enjoy our first attempt at a Let’s Play. We wanted to focus on Valve games, which made the game choice a tough one for me. The only game I have played from Valve is DOTA 2. Since I am already doing a MOBA let’s play on my personal Youtube channel, I wanted to go a different route. I decided to go with Portal since this is a title that I have been wanting to play for a while now. With it also being a shorter game, it became the perfect pick. This is a test to see if let’s plays are something you guys would enjoy seeing from us. We will only be posting one episode a week in order to keep the focus on the site’s main purpose.


Let us know how you liked it, and if this is something you would like to see more of in the future. If you never had the pleasure of playing this for yourself, check it out on Steam here

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Being a gamer has been in my blood since I discovered the magical land of video gaming. When I was a kid, I never understood why everyone wanted to be Lawyers, doctors or police officers. All I wanted was to become a Pokemon master, while being trained in the art of Fire magic by a wise monk in the mountains. Once I realized this was not possible, I settled for being part of the video gaming industry in some form. Since then, I have completed a 1.5 years of college for game programming, and spent countless hours playing games like DOTA and Pokemon, hoping to one day become a pro. Since those two options didn’t fit, I currently create YouTube let’s plays, while writing reviews here. Out of all my adventures, this one is the most satisfying and I’m looking forward to where life takes me. Also, I’m a CSR drone, working in a call center, but that part of life is not important, since it lacks magic and animals in balls.


    • I know, I’m starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. Sounds like That may be some foreshadowing regarding what I play on the channel next!


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