Point-and-click adventures have been around for a long time. A long, long time. Since the dawn of the gaming dinosaurs, they’ve been pounding the virtual landscape, wowing us on the likes of the Mac and NES.

But unlike the velociraptor and tyrannosaurus, they’re far from extinct and since the launch of Steam back in the early 2000s, they’ve been more popular than ever before.

That goes from outside of steam too, in fact to this day great point-and-click games are being launched, using new, improved technology such as augmented reality to make them bigger and better.

Natural Born Poker Player is the latest to land, taking it to a whole new level, seeing you click your way through exciting chases from your point of view, marking a new era for click-and-point gaming.

But that got us thinking, we have Natural Born Poker Player to play online, but what are the best efforts in the Steam community? Well there are certainly plenty to choose from.

We take a look at the best point-and-click offerings to grace the world of Steam…

Gemini Rue


Released in April 2013, Gemini Rue is a graphic adventure game which leads you through a series of puzzles in order to save the people of the Gemini System.

It received huge praise when it came out thanks to its retro graphics reminiscent of an 80s arcade game and storyline that wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood.

Following two characters, Azriel Odin, and Delta Six, players must aid the characters through the Gemini System in order to overthrow the Boryokudan, a group of gangsters who have taken over. They must interact with people to get to Center 7, where he can find information on his brother who has fallen missing.

You must go out and change the fate of an entire galaxy. Can you click your way through it?

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle


Certainly one that channels the weird and wonderful, the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle will certainly unveil your childish side with its incredibly animated graphics and fun, lively soundtrack.

It’s awash with terrible puns and wise cracks that is almost homage to cheesy detective movies of days gone by. And Fiddle is exactly that: a cheesy detective. Set in Victorian London, you must click your way through a series of scenarios to pick up clues to who committed murder. The butler in the kitchen? The Aunt in the cellar? That’s for you to find out.

Working your way through the dark, miserable streets of London, you must get what you can from some incredibly intriguing characters in what is a wild, fun, and quite barmy adventure game.

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series


A big favorite with Steam fans, Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series is our chance to transport ourselves into the action of what appears to be the world’s favorite TV show right now.

Released as six episodes, players must move their way through scenes with characters that include Lord Gregor Forrester, Lady Elissa Forester, and Maester Ortengryn, amongst others with the story itself focusing on House Forrester, a family who are actually yet to appear in the TV series.

But don’t worry; your favorite characters appear too, with Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, and Kit Harington all providing voiceovers for their famous characters.

However, the game itself does stand-up on its own and has received rave reviews, mainly thanks to its huge interactivity, which also influences the direction of the story.

Broken Age


With graphics that look borrowed from a Pixar movie, it’s no real surprise that Broken Age is a top-seller in the Steam store.

A family friendly game where you’re as likely to see your father playing along as you are your daughter, the puzzle-filled adventure tells a coming of age story, with influences of Pixar dotted all over.

And with that comes an all-star cast too. Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Canadian actress Masasa Moyo all star in the game which was funded by a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign which raised more than $3 million.

Perhaps its only criticism is its lack of action, however its dialogue and interactivity is more than enough to keep us entertained, with a witty script and a charming, and wonderful storyline.

Papers, Please


A far cry from the colorful world of Broken Age is Papers, Please, a game which focuses on the life of a border checkpoint officer in an era of war in the fictional country of Arstotzka in 1982.

You must inspect the new arrivals documents to decide whether they will be allowed into the country. Working your way through the crowds, you must keep unwanted individuals out, such as criminals and terrorists, whilst you can also interrogate individuals who you may want further information from.

The game earned large amounts of praise, with CBC News even giving it a positive response with Jonathan Ore calling it a “nerve-racking sleuthing game with relentless pacing and dozens of compelling characters – all from a desk job.”

And it is exactly that, it may not have characters swinging from trees or a magical landscape, but it’s an incredibly immersive game and it can’t be helped to get emotionally involved with the incredible storyline.


And those games are to name just a few. Steam is continually unveiling more and more great point-and-click games, taking them further away from the likes of Wingman and Enchanted Scepters which kick-started the genre back in the 1980s.

We’ll continue to see new developments making them more life-like than ever before; Natural Born Poker Player online has certainly done that, but with Steam, particularly with them expanding into console gaming, will no doubt do exactly the same. There’s a lovely balance right now with many games adding a little nod to the past. And long may it continue…


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