PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: How to Win

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, 100 players jump out of an airplane onto a huge map. Upon landing, they are encouraged to loot for supplies, like armor, vehicles, and guns. As the match continues, a storm closes in, forcing everyone to a centralized area on the map, where they are more likely to run into enemies. Considering the sheer number of players and all the opportunities for death, winning in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is no easy feat, but with a few tips in mind, players may stand a better chance at being the last person standing.

The following strategies will not guarantee victory in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but using them could greatly increase one’s chances at earning that ever-elusive chicken dinner. Please note that these strategies were formulated using the Erangel map, and while many of these tips still apply to the desert map Miramar, its unique terrain may require some tweaks.

With that in mind, here are the best strategies to win in PUBG.


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By far the most difficult way to win in the increasingly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is playing by yourself or with random teammates. Even so, there are measures players can take to increase their odds of winning, or at least making it into the top 10.

When playing solo, the best way to survive is to land in an area that is not heavily populated with other players. Typically players in PUBG will try to land in cities or towns where loot is more likely to spawn. While obtaining high quality loot is important, solo players are better off starting the game as far away from others as possible.

After landing, head in the general direction of the safety circle and loot the various houses and buildings along the way. Almost every building in PUBG has loot in it, so players should be able to equip themselves rather well before too long. As far as loot goes as a solo player, it may be best to collect long-ranged weapons instead of closed-ranged weapons like shotguns. The best case scenario is finding a sniper rifle, but unfortunately that won’t be possible all of the time.

As the storm closes in and the circle shrinks, stay close to the ground. Bushes make very effective hiding places, as do fields. Try not to engage any enemies unless absolutely necessary. In solo mode, staying hidden for most of the match is the best way to win.



Playing in duo opens the door for even more strategies players can employ in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Duo players don’t need to play as stealthily as solo players, but should still exercise some caution, especially in cities that are more likely to be populated with a higher number of players.

In general, the tips for surviving and winning in solo still apply to duo. However, duo players can do some tricks a solo player can’t, like the bait trick. For this trick, one player needs to hide somewhere, like in a bush, while their partner runs around out in the open. Most of the time this will draw other players out of hiding, and can leave them exposed to the player that has remained hidden.

A similar tactic duo players can use is leading enemies to a hidden partner. For example, one player can hide in a house, and another can lead enemies to a surprise attack that hopefully results in some easy kills.


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There’s strength in numbers, and that’s especially apparent in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. When playing in squad, especially with trusted teammates, one’s chances of winning in the game drastically improve. Players in squads have to worry far less about stealth, and can rush loot-heavy areas to acquire the best stuff without having to fear too much about being blasted away by enemy players.

The strategies for solo and duo both apply to squad, with the difference being that squads can use greater numbers to make the strategies even deadlier. For example, one player can lead an enemy into a room with three of their teammates, as opposed to just one person lying in wait.

Squads may also want to consider using vehicles to improve their odds of winning. Vehicles can be a liability in that they are loud and give away one’s location, but they can also be used for quick escapes and running over enemies that are hiding in fields.

When traveling as a squad, it may be best to split the group in half, so that if two players are jumped, the other two can swarm in to save their teammates from the enemy combatants. So for example, if players come across a house they want to loot, have two players enter the building while two others hide outside and keep watch.

Other Tips and Tricks

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Besides the aforementioned strategies, there are some tips that all PUBG players should keep in mind if they hope to improve their odds of winning.

  • Avoid Team Killing – While purposefully killing one’s teammates is obviously frowned upon in PUBG, there are many instances where team killing can be accidental. One common way players end up killing each other on accident is when firing out of a car, as players will stick their whole bodies out of the window to aim at passing enemies. Make sure to communicate with teammates to avoid accidentally blowing them to pieces, especially since team killing may cause you to join the millions of other banned players in the game.
  • Close Doors – When looting a building, it’s smart to close doors behind you. Not only does this prevent enemies from shooting through the open doors, but it could also trick them into thinking that the house is unoccupied – the perfect opportunity for a sneak attack.
  • Play with the Volume Up – Sound in PUBG is extremely important, so play with the volume up. Players can hear the footsteps of enemies that try to sneak up on them, plus they can hear gunfights in the distance as well as vehicles that may be approaching.
  • Supply Crates – Supply crates may be tempting, but don’t rush them unless you’re completely certain that no one else is around. If there are other players nearby, it may be wise to hide somewhere and use the loot crate as bait instead.

With all these tips and strategies in mind, PUBG players should be able to greatly improve their odds of winning in the battle royale game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC. It is also available on Xbox One through the Game Preview program.

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