Created by a fan (ay, there’s the rub), this recreation of the opening scene to Half-Life 2 will make you want to see Half-Life 3 even more than you already do. Jeannot van Berlo, who goes by Logithx on the Polycount Forum, posted three screenshots of his work built from scratch in the Unreal Engine 3 (UDK), bemoaning the fact that the latest and greatest Unreal Engine 4 was just released and will likely force him to convert the whole thing over to the new format. According to the author, everything in the shots was re-created using custom high-resolution models and textures except for the Combine insignia and the over-seeing Dr. Breen, which appears to be the original in-game model.

You can see the screenshots HERE.

Of course there is a lot of creative license in use here and not indicative of what Valve would make in a modern engine (Source 2), but it’s still interesting to see a small part of this classic series in a whole new light. But, it’s not the only thing of this nature to be made by fans, not by a long shot…


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