Today was long and I do not have the energy to write one of my trademark long winded pointless intro paragraphs (Hooray!–Editor) so I will just jump into what I saw today.

Dead Star:  This is a MOBAesque twin stick top down space shooter.  Two teams of spaceships face off against each other in a battle to take over the enemy bases.  Each team can support up to 10 players and there are multiple ships that control differently with different abilities.  In addition, you can play on a third neutral team and crash other battles in progress.  If you are on this renegade third team and survive invading these other games there are large rewards at the end.  Also, if you are on the team that puts at a stop to this team there are great rewards there as well.

Dead Star

Screen Cheat:  This is a 2-8 player split screen shooter.  This title, and the entire game for that matter, is inspired from people who would cheat at at this type of game by looking at the other players’ screen to find out where they were hiding.  The twist in this game is everyone is invisible so you have to scope out their screens to figure out where they are. This could be a fun party game, especially if alcohol (Gamers age 21+ only–Editor) is introduced to make precision shots and focusing on multiple screens more difficult.

Screen Cheat

Epistory Typing Chronicles:  This is a cross between an adventure game inspired by the Zelda series and a typing tutor program.  Two chapters are out now, with the two final chapters slated for a summer release.  Typing and enemy speed scales to ability, each chapter takes 1-2 hours depending on ability.  The nature of the control for this game gives it the potential to be very divisive among gamers, but I can see there being potentially for this to serve as an educational tool that is more enjoyable that current methods that teach keyboarding.

Epistory Typing Chronicles

Dungeon Boss:  IOS/Android/Ipad turn based combat patterned after old school JRPGs.  The idea was to make an RPG to play while waiting in line at Starbucks.  50 playable characters once everything is unlocked, free to play, can purchase faster progress.  This one is coming to mobile platform only so it will likely not be covered anymore on this site, but if you enjoy mobile games and RPGs this one is worth checking out.

Dungeon Boss

Excubitor:  This is a hybrid top down space shooter and tower defense game being put out by Kasedo Games.  This game feature 18 stages and five bosses that are on the God of War level of gargantuan scale.  Even during the battles with these city destroying mechanical behemoths, the tower defense strategy remains in play.  The graphics are extremely detailed and the modifications you can make to your ship offer stat changes along with cosmetic alteration.  This game promises high replay value with three difficulty levels and a new game plus mode.  This is scheduled for a spring release with a $19.99 target price point for PC, Linux, and Mac.


Upwards Lonely Robot: Another title from Kasedo, but very different in tone from Excubitor.  This is a throwback to the days of simple jumping gameplay from Sonic and Mario, and dark subjects that should be never be addressed lightly such as genocide will be absent from this game.  You control a robot that looks like the love child of Johnny 5 and a hamster ball. This robot needs fruit to survive and the objective is to jump its way to top of a tower where a tree grows.  Why does the robot need fruit?  Why is it important to reach the tree at the top of tower.  Will Johnny 5 ever be reunited with his illegitimate child and how did he even mate with a hamster ball?  All these questions, except for the ones involving Johnny 5 and the hamster ball, can be answered by playing this game.  Different challenge modes will also be included.  This game is scheduled for a spring release with a target price of $9.99.

Upwards Lonely Robot

Infinium Strike:  This is a space tower defense game.  You assume the role of weapons officer and you place various gun turrets over the ship.  They all do different things so success is based on being strategic in placement.  One example of this is a very powerful, long range cannon that will take care of large warships but will ignore the smaller fighters that attack your ship.  No tentative release date is set besides 2016.

Infinium Strike


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