Pandora: First Contact is an amazing turn based strategy game by the great minds at Proxy Studios. The game takes the familiar base mechanics of Civilization games and adds the sci-fi twist that we’ve all been yearning for.

Once I started up a new game in Pandora: First Contact, I was immediately thrown into the middle of a map I knew nothing about in a game I knew nothing about – and it was amazing. The terrain – the BGM – it all gave you the feeling that you were exploring an entirely new world. Once I recovered from my shock and awe, the game assigned me OPTIONAL tutorials. Of course, I did them, but the fact that they were optional and not shoved down my throat was a very good thing!


After a few rounds and getting adjusted to the game, I did not have very many qualms with the game. One major thing I had against Pandora: First Contact was the text font. While the game was a blast to play, the text and text boxes were so mundane and boring that sometimes looking at them almost put me to sleep. The second issue was with the controls. Playing Pandora: First Contact will feel very familiar to seasoned Civilization players. While this can be a good thing for veterans of the genre – it was a bit disappointing that Proxy Studios didn’t add their own unique controls and mechanics to the game rather than feeling like it was all ripped straight from Civilization V. However, since Civ. V plays like a dream most of the time, it’s not necessarily a bad thing in terms of controls – just a bad thing in terms of individuality.


Aside from those minor setbacks, Pandora: First Contact has a ton for you to do. You can explore your new world, build a great nation – or even choose to be a city-destroying warmonger hungry for blood! What you do in Pandora is completely up to you and your imagination. The replay value here is incredible. There is very little that i can imagine in this game that you can not do.

Overall, Pandora: First Contact is a great game. It’s definitely something I would recommend to fans of either the turn-based strategy or science fiction genres. If you’ve been playing Civ. V for a while and need something new to play, or have always wanted to play Civ. V but found history to be a little boring, Pandora: First Contact is the game for you. Proxy Studios did a fine job polishing this gem, now it’s time to crank it up to warp speed and discover a whole new world in this game.