Treasure Island, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, is the novel that made pirates popular. Countless movies, cartoons and video games are based on or inspired by this great piece of art. Things like: X marks the spot, parrots on shoulders and the black spot, found their origin in this timeless classic. The pirate behavior and way of speaking as we know it were created by Robert Newton in the 1950 adaption of Treasure Island. In my opinion still the best treasure island movie there is, Yarrr matey!! Hold on to your doubloons and cutlass as we set sail for this swashbuckling review of Nightmares From The Deep 3: Davy Jones.

nightmares 3 2

In Nightmares from The Deep: The Cursed Heart we meet curator, Sarah Black. Sarah has to save her daughter from the undead captain Remington. In Nightmares From The deep 2: The Siren’s Call, Sarah fights the evil mayor Murray and his kraken to liberate the fishing village, Kingsmouth, and free the siren Calliope. All this interference wasn’t unnoticed and much like the title suggests, Sarah will be visited by none other than the infamous Davy Jones himself. Nightmares From The Deep 3: Davy Jones was developed and published by Artifex Mundi and released on Steam 01-29-2015.

It’s a stormy night when Sarah Black, curator of the Caribbean naval museum, gives a lecture about Davy Jones. A lightning strike causes an electrical breakdown, leaving you in the dark. Together with your daughter, Cory, you succeed in repairing the electrical system. Just when you’re about to continue your lecture, an enormous tidal wave hits the museum. Your darkest nightmare comes to life. Together with the tidal wave, Davy Jones and his crew crash in to the museum. Tired of you constantly meddling in his business, Davy decides to take you Cory back to his galleon, locking you up in his quarters. You manage to escape with Cory. Just before you can board a life boat, Davy and his crew get a hold of you and Cory. Fearing for your life and attempting to save it, Cory signs a deal with Davy. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the rotten scallywag throws you in the ocean anyway. You enter fore-mentioned life boat and follow Davy’s ship to his secret hideout. Once you reach the island your search for Cory begins. Find Cory, release her of her contract and take care of Davy Jones once and for all.

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Besides the usual puzzles, mini games and hidden object screens there are some collectibles to be found. Namely: pirate cards, glowing seahorses and puzzle pieces. After my recent failure in Nightmares From The Deep 2, it’s only getting worse. Several times I played through the game and every time short on pirate cards and glowing seahorses. So I asked myself, “Do I need glasses??” Vanity forces me to think, the hiding skills of the Artifex Mundi team improve drastically. The main plot has some twists and turns to keep you interested. We even discover how the lowest, most hardened scoundrel of the seas became this way. It surprised me to see how helpful his “loyal” crew members were,  and there was some humor added in there. There is a bonus adventure waiting for you if you manage to defeat Davy.

Screenshot (31)

Graphics are very good. The cut scenes and backgrounds are beautiful and they look quite colorful. Well made hidden object scenes and collectibles, they will definitely offer a challenge. Sound is great, very good voice acting, atmospheric music that isn’t too intrusive and good effects. This final part in the Nightmares From The Deep series is a great game and a good closure of the story. It will keep you interested till the very end, good graphics, good sound and challenging game play. You can find the complete series here.

graphics 4.0/5.0

sound 5.0/5.0

gameplay 5.0/5.0

overall score 4.5/5.0

overall score
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