My very first experience with adventure games was Labyrinth which is based on the movie with the same name and developed by Lucasarts. It’s a graphical adventure game with a text adventure beginning, this was inspired by the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie. Due to my young age I sucked at it and the floppy remained untouched for some time. Later my collection gained Maniac Mansion from the same developers, I loved it. This is the game that made me an adventure fanatic. Zork, Myst, Monkey Island and kings quest, there are no series I haven’t played through multiple times. Although the genre is over it’s peak it’s certainly not dead. Grab your eye patch and peg leg, because today we will take a look at Nightmares From The Deep 2.Screenshot (24)Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren’s Call is the sequel to Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart. Our female protagonist Sarah Black managed to save her daughter from the clutches of captain Remington and continues her job as curator of the Caribbean naval museum. On a stormy night she opens the museum door for a messenger delivering a package. When you discover the golden octopus statue in the package vile creatures break in to the museum, they knock you out with a potion and take the statue. You regain consciousness only to find yourself on a small boat together with the delivery man. The man was sent by the siren Calliope to ask for your help in the fight against the ruthless Mayor Murray. Murray took control over a once peaceful fishing village and a giant ship graveyard built by his pet kraken. It is up to you to defeat Mayor Murray and the kraken, free Calliope and restore peace in the fishing village. The Siren’s Call is a casual point and click adventure with hidden object scenes, developed and published by the Artifex Mundi Studios. Originally released in July 2013 and available on Steam since 05-15-2014.

Screenshot (27)

If you are familiar with Artifex Mundi adventure games you will know fantasy is a major factor in all of their adventures and this title is no exception. There are some collectibles in the game, golden octopuses, silver parrots and brass seahorses. Shamefully I have to confess, I have failed. I played through the game at least 6 times, but only to end every single time short on parrots. So these days I walk the streets with a tear in my eye, friends don’t pick up the phone anymore and even the cat laughs and points at me while he hands me a cracker. My agony and pain can’t be described. Well played Artifex Mundi, I bow my head to you. If you don’t want to play the hidden object scenes (can’t find the items) or you just want to gain a couple of achievements, you can play a round of mahjong instead. If you manage to rescue Calliope, there’s a bonus adventure waiting for you. Gameplay is great, difficult hidden object scenes, inventory items scattered around everywhere and well hidden collectibles.

Screenshot (26)

Saying graphics are good wouldn’t do them justice. Cutscenes are outstanding, character movement looks great and smooth and the backgrounds are beautiful. This is the best artwork I have seen so far from the Artifex mundi team. I really love the cutscene when Calliope is snatched out of the house by the kraken. The expression of fear on her face, very well done. Sound matches the graphics, beautiful music that won’t get repetitive soon, good voice acting and great effects. Conclusion: this is an excellent casual point and click adventure, great graphics, great sound and a mix in difficulty, mini games and puzzles aren’t too hard, but the hidden objects and collectibles will test your skills. Definitely recommended for everyone, young and old. You can get the complete series here, or wait for my next review of Nightmares From The Deep 3: Davy Jones and see if the third part shines as bright as The Siren’s Call.

gameplay 5.0/5.0

graphics 4.5/5.0

sound 5.0/5.0

overall score 5.0/5.0


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