Below are the passive bonuses received from account leveling in Nether. Even though death in the game makes you lose your loot and go back to zero on your life skills, you will always maintain your passive bonuses earned from your account level. This is always good to know. 

Account Rewards

Level 1: +20HP. This will mean when you die you start on 1020 health.
Level 2: Spawn with $50 cash
Level 3: 2.0 Backpack Weight Capacity increase.
Level 4: +10 Hunger Capacity
Level 5: Spawn with $75 cash
Level 6: +3% Melee Damage
Level 7:
Level 8: +5 Stamina
Level 9: +20 Global Inventory
Level 10: Spawn with $100 Cash
Level 11:
Level 12: +20 Hunger Capacity
Level 13: Spawn with $125 cash
Level 14: +5 Backpack Capacity
Level 15 + 25% XP Earned
Level 16: Spawn with $150 cash
Level 17: +8 Melee
Level 18: Spawn with $175 cash
Level 19: +15 Stamina
Level 20: Spawn with 2 Stat points
Level 21: +40 Hunger Capacity
Level 22: +50HP’s
Level 23: Spawn with Crunch Ben’s
Level 24: +10.0 Backpack weight 

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