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It sure has been a while since I uploaded anything to SteamFirst, and I do apologize to both you guys and my superiors.

But that’s okay because today I’m back with my very first guide of sorts! I understand how daunting the decision of buying a new keyboard, especially your first mechanical keyboard could be so I’ve decided to take some of the information pertaining to a lot of the products you’ll come across at a Best Buy, Fry’s or other electronics outlet, as well as just some general information in a short-ish video to kind of shine some light on this stuff for those inexperienced with mechanical keyboards and mechanical keyboard accessories (coming in a future video).

This video is by no means 100% detailed and I did intentionally leave out a lot of information to cover the more common options you’ll encounter. I understand some people may be ordering their keyboards online or just want other options so below you’ll find a list of links containing more in depth explanations as well some sites to purchase keyboards and keyboard accessories. Think of this as an intro to a two part series on mechanical keyboards.


First off with the guides:

Choosing a mechanical keyboard

Different cherry MX switch types/General overview

Ultimate mechanical keyboard buyer’s guide (Reddit)


Here are some sites who sell some mechanical keyboards as well some really nice keyboards I can personally vouch for.

For topre keyboards: elitekeyboards.com they have some tenkeyless Cherry MX  keyboards as well. Some with blacks, clears and greys.


If you want a fully custom Cherry MX keyboard WASDkeyboards is the place to go. They even have a cherry MX sample pack so you can try each type of switch before committing to one (or multiple) I get all my blank keycaps and accessories from them as well.


Then of course there’s Newegg and Amazon, both are great for selection and customer reviews if you choose to shop for a keyboard online. Personally, I’d stay away from eBay for stuff like keyboards and computer parts, but it’s still a perfectly viable option as well.


Lastly, here are a few keyboards with cherry MX switches I have personally used and can vouch for 100%

Noppo0 Choc Mini with Cherry MX red switches. My absolute favorite tenkeyless keyboard.


Corsair K65/K70/K95. These come in both RGB back light and normal back light variants in cherry MX blues/browns/reds/blacks. Also one of my favorite keyboards ever.


CM Storm Quickfire. Comes in a few variants.   


If you don’t want Cherry MX, Razer’s version are pretty ok. I’d suggest going with the orange variant though. I’m currently using the new tournament edition with Razer’s green clicky switches, they feel kind of annoying to type on after a while, though as they wear they become slightly more comfortable. ( But if you can get a 2013 version with Chery MX blues in good condition, go for it.)


I’m not going to list any alps keyboards since the only ones I could find are from sketchy looking sites, If you’re interested in one Google is a wonderful resource.


My next video will be an “Ultimate Mechanical keyboards guide” of sorts where I’ll go over, in much more detail, different specifications, features, keyboard maintenance/replacing keycaps and choosing a mech keyboard more in depth.


That’s all for now though.

If you enjoyed this video and want to see some of my other content you can find me at twitch.tv/anthonytofu.




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