Ludwig is an education game created by developer Ovos that teaches the player of the various forms of energy such as combustion, hydroelectricity, wind power, and solar energy all of which taught in a fun and interesting fashion. The game is available on the Play Ludwig official site as well as on Steam. Play as the robot named Ludwig as you discover the many energy sources found in the world in your quest to find energy for your home planet of Robotronics and save it from an impending energy collapse!


The Good

The Visuals

This game is very attractive. featuring some cutting edge visuals, this game can look so pretty that you may even forget that it’s an education game. Ludwig utilizes the various Nvidia affects to great beautiful affects and adds a sense of wonderment to the world. This may come to you as, “oh, so I need a beefy computer to run this game.” but that’s not true at all. in the options everything from the grass and shadows can be disabled to allow for maximum performance in game.


Being an education game, Ludwig utilizes a series of exploration mechanics and mini games to allow you to learn about the many forms of energy. The exploration is great as on account of the previously mentioned visuals, hidden items, and various energy sources for you to pick up helps to prevent it from becoming dull. as for the mini games, I personally didn’t enjoy them very much as oftentimes they were rather simple and quick to solve. but for a younger audience, they should prove to be a healthy challenge.


The Bad


Education Aspect

This is not so much a “bad” as the game does teach you what it has very well, however due to the fact that the game was made with academic teaching in mind, many of the information that Ludwig tries to impart on you was oftentimes already known to me.  Being within the 15-20 age demographic it may be safe to assume that this game would better serve to teach elementary-middle school level children. However, just because I knew most of the things that Ludwig was teaching, doesn’t mean that others in my age may learn a few things from this game, so if your interested in learning more about basic energy source principals, it may be worth a look


Ah the characters, the life blood of any game, aside from gameplay of course. Unfortunately I never came to care for the characters in Ludwig. I feel that this was on account of generally unlikable characters, to me at least. Ludwig, the main and controlled character of the game, has a very dull personality that has a number of quirks that were made to add a sense of humor that unfortunately fall flat. Some may argue that this works well, as it may open the door for the player to superimpose themselves unto the character of Ludwig, given his simple nature. However, I found it difficult to do so. Due to the personality that Ludwig does reveal in his speech, he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, which allow his egotistic spaceship to constantly correct him. It does get a little better as the game progresses, but that initial introduction to the two main characters put a sour taste in my mouth.


Overall the game is very informative as well as beautiful, however on account of the annoying characters much of the joy is unfortunately pulled from the experience. The game is still definitely worth a look though, and on www.playludwig.com, a demo is available with the launcher. So if you want to try it out as a final assessment before purchase, you have the ability to do so.

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