Never before did I browse the world wide web so much because of an offline game. Konung 3 is a RPG game developed and released by 1C Company and available on steam. Originally released in 2009 in Russia and in 2010 in the rest of the world with an English  version. Unfortunately the English version has no in game voice acting like the Russian version does.

konung 1

The game is set in the 1300’s mid-eastern European fictional Woodlands and is a mixture of known history and myths of the Slavs, Scandinavian and Byzantines. When the legendary ruler of Woodland the Konung died, the search for a new ruler begins. And whoever recovers the lost champion sword will be the new Konung and ruler of Woodland. This is your objective to find and bring back the champion sword to become the new Konung. You can choose between six heroes all with their own skills and weaponry like swords, ranged weapons or a magic staff. Although your quests won’t change your build and playing style will depend on the hero you choose to play with. The game play itself reminds me of mmorpg’s like Metin or Shayia, you level up by gaining experience you get for killing monsters and finishing quests, to receive skill points you use to upgrade your character. Monsters range from ordinary rabid dogs and bandits to giant spiders and wherewolfs.

konung 2

gameplay 3.5

You begin with low level weapons and no or low level armor and as you progress you can buy or loot better ones. Be careful about how much you pick up because you are limited by weight and your character will be slower. Armor and weapons can be upgraded with potions to deal more damage or have better protection. Potion mixing is something you will really need because it is demanded for some quests and you can create your own healing potions. You can buy recipes get them as reward or just try mixing things and hope it works out. Your map will at first only show the village of miroslavl where you begin your adventure and every location you visit will appear on it. For fast traveling every village has a porting point which you will have to activate first before you can use it, this will make traveling between villages much faster and you don’t have to run through ten locations to get from point A to point B. In the bottom corner of your screen is a mini map that shows only the village or part of Woodland you are currently at. All people you can interact with are marked on the mini map with a green dot. With exception of some merchants all people walk around so it can very well be that someone who gave you a quest is in a totally different location in the village when you return, so sometimes it will require a bit of a search because they are not highlighted in a different way on the mini map.

konung 4

The giant issue and the cause of me spending hours on the internet is the lack of an English manual and some unfortunate programming. I gave up on finding an English manual but what helped me a lot is the manual of Konung 2 on steam. And unfortunate programming means after finishing the rabbid dog quest in Miroslavl you are unable to interact with anyone so you can’t complete your quest. after browsing the web for some time I noticed I’m not the only player having this issue. Unable to find an answer on the web and after restarting a couple of times thinking it might be an error, I finally found the answer. once a quest is completed and every time you enter a new village you need to go to the barracks and use a training block to be able to interact with people. Why this is made this way, I don’t know. A same kind of issue is in Miroslavl forest where some corpses are hidden in the bushes. You have to complete a couple of quests here and after every quest you first have to go to the corpses to be able to talk to people. These aren’t giant issues if you know what to do, but to me it doesn’t make sense to click a corpse again and again before I can interact with people.

konung 3

graphics 3.5 sound 4

The graphics are outdated but not bad, there was eye for detail like shadows turning and growing longer, every time it starts raining it will get dark. Almost every NPC wanders around instead of standing somewhere. these are some of the features I really like. Sound is good, a wide variety of forest creatures can be heard in the forests between the villages. The music isn’t too intrusive and has a nice sound. The voiceacting in the English version limited to the cutscenes isn’t the best I’ve heard but it certainly isn’t the worst. The gameplay is despite some unlogical programming as described before pretty solid, there is a lot to do and the game will guarantee you many hours of play time. If you don’t mind some searching and thinking you’ll have a pretty descent game that will keep you occupied a long time for the money you spend.

total score 3.5


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