It feels like time has been moving at a snails pace since we last heard some Killer Queen Black news, but here we are just ahead of E3 2019 with a bit of physical news.

Smaller, multiplayer titles often live and die in the digital marketplaces, which makes a physical release that much more exciting. Killer Queen Black splinters off from its arcade exclusive counterpart, Killer Queen Arcade, an experience that I recommend everyone plays. Black takes the same high pace action and strategy but scales it down from the 5v5 to a more manageable 4v4. I have been looking forward to Black ever since I first heard whispers of its existence last year.

Now developers Liquid Bit and Bumble Bear Games have partnered up with Nighthawk Interactive to release a physical version of Killer Queen Black for both Xbox One and Switch for $30 packaged with a vinyl controller skin.

Also with this announcement confirms the cross-platform multiplayer between all three announced platforms (Switch, PC and Xbox). Still waiting to hear back from the developers if the Xbox version will support 8-players locally like other games do.


For more information about Killer Queen Black head over to http://www.killerqueenblack.com/ And if you just cant wait to play, find out if there is an 10-player arcade cabinet near where you live. The physical version is now available to preorder the  at Amazon, GameSpot, BestBuy and Target.


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