With the latest news regarding the upcoming Steam controller, many feel that masses of console gamers will be converting into Steam gamers. Do we think this will be enough to convince console gamers to make the switch? I think so… Here’s why.

steam-big-pictureValve’s focus as of late has been to bring Steam into gamers living rooms. A while ago, they had implemented Big Picture which makes the look and feel of Steam much more friendly to those gamers who are used to consoles. Controller support has been implemented for many (but not all) of the latest big name titles, and the last step being taken is the implementation of the upcoming Steam Box. Some people are curious as to how the Steam exclusive controller plays into this whole mix.

Yes, we can plug an Xbox or a Playstation controller into our computer and play many games. This is a great convenience, but there are still many titles which are keyboard and mouse exclusive. Often times, these titles play better with a keyboard and mouse, but console gamers do not want to hear that. They want to have the controls in their hands as they lounge on the couch in front of the television. It is what they are used to, and to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that. The Steam controller solves this problem, and not only for some titles, not for most titles, but for all titles.

PC Gamer: “Just 290 of Steam s 2,459 games feature full controller support, and 502 feature partial support a cumulative third of the library.”

As stated in the quote above, there are a huge number of titles which do not have controller support. With the Steam controller 2,459 of the total 2,459 Steam titles will be supported as well as the future titles to come. The “I hate gaming with a mouse and keyboard” excuse is completely gone. So what does this mean?

This means that gamers who are looking for something new, gamers unhappy with their current systems, gamers who don’t have a lot of money to spend on games, gamers who want to share their library of games with up to 10 of their friends for free, gamers who are sick of paying fees to play their games online or gamers who just want to play on a platform that some of their friends are playing on, can be introduced to all of the greatness that Steam has to offer. What are some of the things Steam offers that other systems don’t? Off the top of my head:

  • Online play with no fees
  • Library sharing ability at no cost
  • Realistic game prices
  • Incredible sales and bundle deals
  • A huge library of games which can always be played without backward compatibility concerns
  • A system which is free – not having to buy a console. (there are a huge amount of titles which can be played on a basic PC)
  • A community of gamers which in my opinion, is more supportive of both one another as well as Steam itself
  • Multiple game control options
  • Customize-able, upgrade-able rigs

Will the Steam controller make gamers drop PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox gaming all together? No. Will the latest push from Valve to get into gamers living rooms, partially by implementing an exclusive, more familiar controller entice gamers to look closer into what Steam has to offer? I think so.

In summary, the Steam controller is not the answer to get all console gamers to flock to PC gaming, but it does get rid of the keyboard and mouse barrier that turns off many console gamers. With the controller option for all titles, gamers will be forced to look into other things that Steam has to offer. When they realize how much better the Steam side of gaming really is, many will come. When you arrive, come game with us from SteamFirst.

Steam group name: Ste@mFirst


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