logoVideogames are often looked down upon as a mere kid’s plaything. The naysayers however disregard the positive aspects of gameplay which includes teamwork in multiplayer games. In this case, Ibb & Obb, a flavorful blend of cute simplicity and resplendent colors. Produced by “Sparpweed” I & O is an engaging puzzle game, reminiscent of Mario. Although, to compare the two would be giving the game a disservice. The game doesn’t shine in any particular area, but only because it is a solid and well-thought out package. This only occurs when the developing team happens to be particularly creative with their work as in this case. The two-player aspect of the game is quite ingenious and a large risk-taking step. The developers are actually assuming that a large majority of gamers aren’t introverted nerds holed up in their rooms.  Luckily, the game can be played on the same keyboard or with a friend online. A mic is highly recommended to help facilitate the on-the-go planning. Additionally, the whole upside down aspect and the extremely varying levels provide an attraction that’ll bring you back to the keyboard again and again and again. ibb and obb - world 2-1

The purpose of the game is to simple. Advance to the next level by going in the right direction. By “right”, I mean east. The game opens up like a dream. You start the game, but the beginning could just as easily be at the end or the middle. And, the levels connect to each other in an utmost seamless and even way.  Da Vinci is quoted of having said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” These words hold so true to this game, especially regarding the visual aspects.  The characters Ibb and Obb are individually distinct in an unmistakable way. All of the different aspects are thus uniquely designed that there is no sense of clutter, but as if playing through a mystical piece of art brought to life on screen. ibb and obb - world 4-3

The controls are also so incredibly simple which adds to the cleverness of this game. The controls are summed up into: Up, Down, Left, and Right. The limited options compels you to be even more creative in your thinking, which reflects the level of highly developed planning accomplished by the game’s developing team.

The music on the other hand isn’t as on par compared to the other elements. But that’s not saying much. Although it isn’t exceptional on its own, it adds to the experience so well that few can say the music is not well-composed. All in all, the entire composition was well-executed which few games on such a small budget can boast of. his game is definitely worth playing. Play it with one friend for a week. And the next week, play it with another friend. Above all, enjoy.


And, remember, check out store.steampowered.com.



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