Another Indie Humble Bundle is fresh to the virtual shelves offering us 6 DRM free titles redeemable on Steam. Below you will find the 6 titles along with the prices that they are currently going for on Steam. This will allow you to see how good a deal you get when you buy the bundle. Have a look at the deals below and let us know if the bundle interests you.

Pay $1 or more and get:

  1. Guacamelee! Gold Edition $14.99 on Steam
  2. Dust: An Elysian Tail $14.99 on Steam
  3. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams $14.99 on Steam
  4. The Swapper $14.99 on Steam

Beat the average of $3.88 and get these two additional titles:

  1. Antichamber $19.99 on Steam
  2. Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine $14.99


All of these titles combined would cost you about $95 if you bought them on Steam. Humble Bundle is offering them all for 4 bucks saving you $91. Awesome deal.


Visit Humble Bundle to take advantage of this deal. Be sure to check out the trailer for this bundle below.


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