People who have attended Steam Dev Days are reporting that Valve has rid of the touchscreen which used to be in the center of the controller and is replacing them with a button layout more familiar to gamers, looking much like a D-pad. The word is that the main reasons for this is to 1. have gamers put more of a focus on the big screen in front of them rather than the small screen on their controller and 2. ensure that backward compatibility is not an issue now for their titles or in the future. A huge advantage of being a Steam gamer is that we can still play titles we purchased ten years ago. It would be a bad move in my opinion if a controller layout were to get in the way of that huge advantage we have.

Assume a title came out tomorrow which required the touch screen ability and in five years we want to play that game, but the touch screen controller is no longer available. Looks like we would then be out of luck. Even though the touch screen is a nice feature and offers many possibilities, I feel that maintaining backward compatibility is the best direction for Steam to go.

Another huge piece of news to go along with this is that the Steam Controller API will be able to support up to 16 controllers at once. No console to this day can even come close to that. Sounds like every day we hear more and more reasons why it is beneficial to be a Steam gamer.

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  1. My first thought: boo!
    Second thought: HOLY CARP!
    Third thought: what would you even NEED 16 players on the same system for?! An entire match of CoD, splitscreen?! (Although, it’d be pretty neat if you could hook multiple monitors/TVs up to one system and have it drive the entire game.)

    • I was really excited with PS3’s 7 controllers support, but in the long run It turned out to be useless. The only games to take advantage of that feature were soccer games, but when more than 4 people play together It’s a total mess.


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