One of the more popular games on Steam, Skyrim has arguably some of the coolest, oddest, and best looking mods you can install.  You may not know this but installing and using mods can be done right from the Steam Store.  We show you how in our latest how to: installing mods for Skyrim from the Steam Store.Our guide will be simple and easy.  We will show you where you can find mods, read about them, check out the latest updates and which ones are the most popular and easily install whichever ones you would like to try.  The workshop is full of user created content such as graphic enhancements, new creatures, map addons and more.  Just an FYI, all mods are technically beta whether fully tested and working or not, so try them at your own risk.

skyrim mod workshop

First you need to hit up the Steam Store, either on the web BY CLICKING HERE or via the Steam app on your PC.  The front page of the mod workshop will show you some of the more popular mods from the week.  We suggest you click on “Top Rated All Time” in the right sidebar to browse through highly rated and tested mods.  Some are for fun, and will add a bit of humor to the game.  Some are modifications that truly give Skyrim some of the best and most realistic graphics today.  Let’s say you would like to install some mods to really pump up the graphics, and want to look into installing Pure Waters.  Click on the mod and you will see a description of what this specific mod does as well as the latest updates that have been fixed and/or added.  When you are ready to install click on the subscribe button as shown below:

pure waters skyrim mod

Once you click subscribe you will see what is shown below:

pure-waters-skyrim-mod2If you’re currently playing Skyrim you’ll need to restart the game before you’ll be able to make use of any workshop mods.  To begin playing with your mod all you need to do is load the game. If this is the first time loading since you’ve subscribed to the mod you’ll notice scrolling text on the launcher. Once it reads Finished synchronizing subscribed mods then you’ll be good to go.

skyrim mod subscribe

If you’d like to see the entire list of mods that you’re subscribed to you can click on Data Files from the launcher. This will bring up a list of mods that you’re currently subscribed to. This list will also display mods which have been downloaded outside of the Steam Workshop.  When you’re ready click Play and load up your saved game, or you can start a new one.  You can now check out the mods you have installed!  We hope this guide has helped you and would love feedback, so sound off in the comments below if you like and let us know what you think!


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    • “How To Bryan” huh? o.O” what or who is “How To Bryan”?

      And nothing that I’ve done has made a difference and now my TES5EDIT is saying EOSError code 2 ugh and I have no idea what the heck to do about this as I know nothing about modding but have been following instructions online as I’m just getting into modding ugh… >_<" …

      Also I'm using my laptop which is: W8, 8GB Ram, Intel HD 4000 dedicated GPU, 1TB HDD: is that good enough for about 52 or something? o.O" . I'm hoping to get an actual desktop soon but due to traveling, laptops are easier as you can imagine ugh..

      Thanks again. ^_^

  1. what I don’t understand though is I am subscribed to all of the mods that I have but not all of them have a tick in the subscribed section and whenever I start the game none of the mods load ugh so the game is just normal with no mods what so ever… :/ … I’ve uninstalled the game and have deleted all of the local files and have reinstalled everything and I’m still getting the same problem ugh… :/ So any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks..

  2. Hmm well when I installed my mods my game crashed after 1 second before even playing anything. It’s nerve racking and I need some help.

  3. I have clicked “subscribe” on several mod pages on the Skyrim workshop page from my Steam client window. I went to play the game and the Skyrim loader popped up, and it said it was checking the subscribed mods, and then it immediately said “Finished synchronizing subscribed mods!” I looked at the loader’s “Data Files” menu and there were no mods listed at all. I don’t know why the loader says I have several mods and tells me they’re synchronized when they are no where to be found.
    Does anyone have any ideas about why my subscribed mods aren’t being installed upon the Skyrim loader’s startup? HELP!!!


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