Trading on Steam has become a huge to do as gamers take pride in spending very little as they build up their collection of games. Trading is as simple as meeting up with another Steam member via trading communities, working out a fair deal to trade titles from your inventory for titles from their inventory.

This all sounds great but there are concerns when pulling off a trade. What happens if you trade with someone and they send you an invalid code or even worse, what if they don’t send you anything in return at all. Well allow me to introduce you to SteamRep, a volunteer anti-fraud database. SteamRep is simple to use and makes finding out a Steam members reputation in regards to trading and conduct in no time. Before you trade with someone you do not know you should visit SteamRep and enter their Steam ID into the search bar. When you do this SteamRep will return with details on that Steam member. It will let you know if this trader is in good standing or if they have been warned or banned all together.

If you do happen to have a negative experience when trading with a member be sure to report them so that others in the future can be warned before engaging in a trade with the member. To avoid this or to better your chances of a positive experience, be sure to use SteamRep before working any deals.

Lets help Steam continue to be a positive experience for all who engage in Steam gaming.


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