Humble Bundle is an excellent way to build up your Steam game catalog for very little money. Over time I have purchased around 12-15 bundles from Humble Bundle, leaving me with a huge backlog of titles that I have yet to get to in my Steam library. Today I learned how to retrieve additional Steam codes that you may have missed when retrieving your codes OR codes for games that were added to the Humble Bundle sale after you bought and retrieved the codes. (If you are a Humble Bundle regular, you know that they will often add titles to the bundle while the sale is running.) A win for us, the buyers!


Here is how to retrieve these additional codes: 


Visit this link . When there, you will see the Humble Bundle Key Resender shown in the image to the right. Simply enter your email address which is connected to your Humble Bundle account. An email will hit your inbox shortly after.




The email you receive will contain a link for every bundle that you have ever purchased. Click on each of the links. The link will then direct you to the bundle page. On that page you will see some text which says Click Here For Your Steam Keys. When you click that link, all of the games included in that bundle will be shown. If the numeric Steam key is visible, this means you have already used the key. You can see in the image below that used keys have a Steam button beside them that is light green in color. If you see the Steam button and it is gray in color, you have an unused Steam code for that title. Click the gray Steam button and your fresh, unused key will pop up. Look at the image below for a visual.



I suggest that all Humble Bundle users try this out. I personally had an additional 23 games waiting for me that I had no idea about. That’s a win for me. I hope this turns out to be a score for you as well. Let us know in the comments below if this worked in your favor.

Do you know of an additional way to track down keys? If so, share your secrets in the comment section below. 


  1. You can also just login on, click on your email address on top-right, click My Library, then scroll all the way to the bottom where it will have links for every bundle you’ve purchased.

    • I like both ways. The way described in the article is nice as you can organize the email sent to you and much more easily check your list for a specific bundle. The my library is great to see everything at once.


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