In the past, Steam would offer a few titles which were featured on the sale rack every day of the week. Four times a year their mega sales would be featured which would get gamers like myself excited, logging onto Steam multiple times per day to find out the latest and greatest deals being offered. Lately huge daily sales have been popping up on Steam on a regular basis. Sorting through all of the sale items and even just finding them can be a little tricky. This is why the Steam Sales site comes in handy.

Steam Sales is a website which solely focuses on displaying the most current sales taking part on Steam and ordering them according to the discount % being offered. The top of the list will display titles 90% off and toward the bottom you may see the titles which are a lowly 5% off. Another nice feature is the color in which the prices are displayed. If the sale price of the game is in green, this means the game is at the lowest price it has ever been. If the price is in red, this means the game was set at a lower price at some point in time. Either way, using this tool will make finding the games on sale super easy which in the end will have you saving more and playing more. You can’t beat that.

Of course there are ways to find sales on Steam itself but the Steam Sales site is direct and to the point. Let us know if you are already using this site to help you find the bargains. Visit Steam Sales to check out this great tool.


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