If you are a big Steam gamer like us, you know that every time you install a new game on your Hard Drive, Steam runs a DirectX package to aid with the install. After the game is installed, that DirectX file remains on your computer taking up about 100 Meg of space. At this point the file is useless and can be removed. Although a 100 meg file is a small one, those of you who install as many games as we do know that those files add up and eventually take up more space than you ever expected.

Using TikiOne Steam cleaner can rid you of these unwanted DirectX files and give yourself a little extra room on your HDD. If you are wondering what will happen if you need to re-download the game or download an update, not to worry. Your Steam client will detect that the DirectX is not there and it will re-download the file to complete the install / update.

Go check out the TikiOne Steam cleaner and free up some space. 




  1. Whats the location to this files? I want to delete them but don’t want third party apps.

    IMHO, This is something the steam client should have done automatically.


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