For a series which has had no new entry since 2007, Half-Life is still beloved by fans. Numerous fan-made stories and art have been created, all with the rather annoyed sub-text that asks “Hey Valve, where’s Half-Life 3 already?!”.

ChariotDrive, creators of the Half-Life fan-film starring a dead-on Gordon Freeman called “Enter The Freeman”, has joined forces with Infectious Designer, a small group of independent film-makers whose previous works include two other Half-Life films as well as adaptations of Killzone and Watchdogs. Together. they plan to build a six-episode web-series set in the world of the original Half-Life entitled “The Freeman Chronicles”. Today, they have made a big step toward making that a reality as their Kickstarter campaign has surpassed the $25,000 goal, crushing the initial goal of $12,000. The team promises this campaign is strictly not-for-profit. Backers will receive rewards based on their contribution amount, ranging from DVDs and Blu-rays to acting roles and Executive Producer titles in the series.

The Freeman Chronicles will supposedly document (unofficially) Gordons journey across the surface of Black Mesa towards the Lambda complex. It acts as a sort of “lost episode” set somewhere around the “Surface Tension” chapter of the original Half-Life game. However, the Kickstarter page does suggest that much of the story and events will be influenced by the feedback from their backers, who will essentially act as a part of the conceptual design team.

Don’t think these are just a bunch of student filmmakers trying to pad their resumes either. They’ve managed to secure the talents of some the movie industries best Visual Effects artists. Most notably is Steve Wang, a sculptor and character designer who helps maintain the dying art of good ol’ fashioned, none CG special effects. He’s worked with the likes of Stan Winston and, as you can see in The Freeman Chronicles Kickstarter video, he is one of the guys who made the Predator and Hellboy. Making realistic Headcrabs and Vortigaunts shouldn’t be much of a challenge for him.

The great Steve Wang. No doubt working on something amazing.
The great Steve Wang. No doubt working on something amazing.

No release date is currently set for The Freeman Chronicles, but expected delivery of backer rewards is slated for July 2014. So expect more news around then.


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