One of my all time favorite fighters, Mortal Kombat, is back in its tenth reincarnation as Mortal Kombat X.  Just released this week, Mortal Kombat X is currently retailing for $59.99, but luckily for you, we have found it for much cheaper Steam fans.  You can grab the full game plus Goro DLC for $20 bucks right now.  For real?  Yes, as I just bought and activated the game on my Steam account.  You can grab your key’s at the link below.  Up for a beat down? Add me on Steam @ RiseAgainstOdds and we can have a tourny!



  1. People, don’t buy keys from these shady websites (this one is a random seller on Kinguin, not an established, reputable game seller), you risk losing your Steam account!


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