goat simulator-steam-game

It may be too goofy and fun to be true. There is a rumor that the silly goat simulator is coming to Steam on this April 1st. The date by itself sounds like a clear joke, so the whole idea of the title being fake wouldn’t be surprising. Still, the project seems to be quite stable to be a joke. They even have an official page where you can pre-order it.

If this project turns out to be true, it wouldn’t be the first time an April’s Fool idea comes to fruition. Pages like Think Geek tend to offer some silly or outstanding products on that date, some which are just too cool to be true. However, depending on people’s demand, some of those joke-products may become real. Since there is a bunch of videos around the web, it is quite clear that this game Goat Simulator has something completed and real going on.

On their page, they state that the game wouldn’t be great., that we shouldn’t expect a game like GTA V, or that glitches and bugs can be expected. Still, considering the nature of a game like this, we may expect a lot of funny and hilarious situations being triggered.

You never know, a simple or silly game can have their momentum behind them so that it can turn to be a big success. If games are meant to be for fun, playing with crazy goats may be very entertaining. So, if it turns out to be real, will you be buying or at least trying this Goat Simulator?