This is a departure from my usual juvenile attempts at trying to write a game review.  At PAX South I had some discussions with a couple charitable organizations that are related to gaming.  I am not recruiting for them nor am I writing for them in any official capacity but I think what they do is pretty cool so I wanted to help spread awareness about them and what they do.  The next posts I do after this will be back to my normal brand of attempted humor.  This is an organization founded by a combat veteran of the US Army.  They had a booth at PAX running a daily push up contest, and while some might say that a push up competition at a gaming convention makes as much sense as a surfing tournament in Alaska, there were some pretty impressive numbers on the push up leader board every day.  Their mission is to help deployed servicemen as well as veterans who have returned home deal with being away from home on deployment, and the struggles with returning home, such PTSD.  They supply deployed vets with gaming care packages as well as sending veterans to gaming events such as PAX and E3.  Military personnel have some of the most stressful and difficult jobs in the world, so I think it’s great this organization exists to extend their appreciation to their efforts and try to give them something to make deployment have some more comforts of home.

Rize Up Gaming:  This is a nonprofit organization that does various charity events every month with different causes.  In addition to charitable events, their general mission statement is help foster a more positive gaming community free from cyber bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, and bigotry in general.


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