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Free PC Game On Steam: TERA



Years in the making and still in early access on Steam, TERA looks like a very promising Action, Adventure, MMORPG that will soon be added to the Steam catalog. Tera is being developed by En Masse Entertainment , Bluehole Studio and offers players online, multiplayer action. The game looks promising to me as the visuals look crisp and unique while the gameplay seems to be enjoyable and fresh. There is a launch trailer below which can give you a peek at what there is to come.

More about the game: 

TERA is at the forefront of a new breed of MMO, with True Action Combat – aim, dodge, and time your attacks for intense and rewarding tactical combat. Add a deep social experience of a MMO to best-in-class action combat mechanics for a unique blend of both genres. Play now for free!

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  1. It isn’t “Being developed”

    TERA came out years ago on PC to mixed reviews. It’s a beautiful game that runs on unreal engine, and features among other novelty things, real-time, semi-target based combat. Generally, melee classes can roll to dodge attacks and button-mash combos. Ranged (bow and spells) characters will still need to point and shoot at their targets, but the attacks still lock on ala WoW (no headshots, etc).

    The result is a visceral, fun action game in an MMO setting. Its drawbacks are that it suffers from very typical korean MMO design in its massive recycling of enemy, equipment, and object models, and notably oversexed female characters – Not that most male gamers will care. It also has a widely considered un-fun crafting system that usually invites hour after hour of resource grind to get gear that is more quickly and easily replaced by dungeon rewards.

    That said, the raiding and dungeon aspect greatly lacks the type of tactical appeal that WoW or Sw:Tor has. While there are tank and healer and dps roles, every class generally serves a purpose of button mash/click-click-click-click until the things are dead, and stay out of the red circles. Since loot isn’t distributed very well, and the dungeon finder system limits players, doing dungeons more than once just isn’t really “fun”.

    The combat and great graphics are the highlight of the game, but ultimately not enough make this game worth paying the monthly fee for.

    Now that the game has gone F2P, and on steam, it is certainly worth spending some time if you’re bored and looking for a unique MMO experience, if you haven’t already tapped into the wealth of Unreal-Engine powered MMO’s like Dragon’s Nest which features identical gameplay (and I do mean IDENTICAL) with a different graphics style. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this game doesn’t hold enough value on its own to merit paying for any ‘premium’ or ‘vanity’ features.

    TERA gets a 65% /100 from me.

    There you go, SteamFirst. An accurate review. Copy it.


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