If you are a fan of the Sakura series you may want to take a peek at Sakura Clicker, which is a free to play casual, clicker title which has a bundle of breasts for your enjoyment. Anything like its relatives Sakura Angels and Sakura Spirit will be a game well worth the download time.

Sakura Clicker is a single player game officially released on July 29 of 2015 offering Steam trading cards and Steam cloud saves. It was developed by Winged Cloud and published by Sekai Project.

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About This Game

The latest entry in the Sakura series is more action-packed than ever before! Sakura Clickers is a fast-paced, exciting adventure, full of content, in which you defeat your foes with the power of your mouse!

Fearsome Foes – The battle never ends as you fight a horde of enemies, each one more powerful than the last as they attempt to impede your path.

Customize Characters – As you earn gold from slaying your foes, you can purchase and outfit your hero with a variety of costumes.

Helpful Allies – You don’t have to face these evils alone! As you progress you may also hire a number of allies that are dedicated to assisting you in fighting the evils that threaten the world.

Also included is 800+ moans as you defeat the monsters.



About by Steam.

Find Sakura Clicker on Steam.


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