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…for I have made this game!

Where I’ve put the player in the clothes of a priest for a fictional Church, and placed them in a fictional medieval world, and made them take confessions.

I allowed them to pass their judgement, and choose whether to forgive and punish their subjects.

Forgive Me, Father...

…for I have quantified deeds!

And made one crime equal three fights, and made one adultery equal five innocent teenage kisses, and made extreme gluttony equal 10 birthday cakes…

And made everything dependent on a Balance, and made the player care for that Balance above all.

…for I have mocked!

And filled this game with witty dialogues, and gifted the player with the power to partake with the sinners.

…for I have set man against man!

And made multiple factions fight over power, each following their own agenda. And placed the player in a position where he can take sides, choose whom to like and whom to hate.

…for I have wrote hundreds of sins, and designed dozens of unique characters, and placed them all in this twisted world!

…for I have made it a premium title!

And I have ignored the heeds of all my fellow game developers, and ignored their advice towards ads and micro-transactions. All in an attempt to give these players a fun and fair experience!

…for I have shamelessly shared my press-kit link!

The game’s press-kit can be found here

Forgive Me, Father.


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