Last year we were all on the Steam Machine bandwagon, with Valve bringing quite a few of them to CES 2014, but since then things have seemed quiet on that front.  We have now learned that at GDC, happening next week, Valve plans to take the lid finally off their Steam Universe plans of making it into your living room.  First up, new Steam Machines.

You can bet Valve and their partners will be showing off new Steam Machines, and this time, they will likely be ready very soon, if not immanently, after the conference.  All new Steam Machines will come with Valve’s controller, also said to be finalized and shown off on the showroom floor.  What intrigues us are both the ValveVR and “other living room devices”.

ValveVR could very well be a number of things, both their own VR type hardware or maybe a team up with the Oculus folks (Valve did have a hand in getting Oculus off the ground).  What “other living room devices” are could be anyone’s guess but we only have to wait a short week to find out.  There is no mention of SteamOS, but with Valve taking up a ton of showroom floor, and letting the public know that a lot will be shown next week, I think it’s safe to say we will get to see a lot from the Steam folks very soon.



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