Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood is a point and click adventure with an occasional find the hidden objects scene created by the Artifex Mundi studios. Released 25 september 2013 and available on Steam. Bear with me: it’s quite tricky to write about an adventure game without giving away any spoilers.

As you drive in your car you’ll suddenly be surrounded by a fog causing you to crash your car. After the fog has cleared, you’ll see a camper blocking the road. In trying to find out what happened , you find a little girl. She tells you her parents have disappeared. The fog returns throwing you out of the window losing consciousness. When you wake up everything is gone: the girl, the camper and your car. The adventure begins.


Your adventure takes place in a national park packed with beautiful and sinister scenery. The stills are very atmospheric and show the signs great care, with trees moving in the wind, an statues looking on. The cut scenes are equally good. The one when you’re thrown out of the camper window was a stand out. The sound matches the graphics; squeaky doors and eerie noises really bring you into the atmosphere the developers tried to create. The music is always present but never too imposing. The only point of criticism is the voice acting which lacks emotion during some terrifying encounters. It just sounds too lo-fi.

The puzzles are no mindbending brainteasers. For me, personally, it’s too easy. Particularly the easy setting when objects and areas immediately start sparkling when you enter a scene. Even the most difficult setting is no challenge. I don’t know if this is good or bad. People do get frustrated on games like “Riven.” Having an easily accessible game like this might be wise from a business standpoint. But for hardcore adventure veterans wanting fifty inventory items, thirty of which completely useless, there just isn’t any challenge.

ravenwood 3

In the end, even if the puzzles aren’t the most difficult I have ever solved, I found the beautiful artwork and the sinister creepy atmosphere irresistible. I simply had to solve the mystery. The first time i played through the game, I didn’t even notice the music because of how captivated I was. I was really in the game and wanted to solve the mystery. This may be even more important than hard puzzles. So, if you’re a newcomer or a die-hard adventurer, I recommend this title. It’s certainly worth the money. And for all adventure fans check out the review of “Deponia: The Complete Journey” on SteamFirst



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