Dungeons II has been available on Steam for a little over a year now, and due its popularity is getting ported to the Playstation 4, and since the console release is upon this seemed like a good reason as any to revisit the original PC port of the game.  Regardless of whether your gaming machine of choice happens to be a console hooked up to television or a PC (being this is a Steam site I would assume most readers would choose the latter) this is a game worthy of the attention of any gamer who enjoys dungeon keepers or RTS games.  Or people who happen to be evil.

The premise of this title is the player controls the Ultimate Evil, or more specifically the player assumes the role of the Ultimate Evil who instructs the Hand of Doom to carry out his bidding.  The Ultimate Evil is simply fed up with do gooder hero types invading his crib, killing his minions for experience points and taking all his loot.  The time has come for his evil army rise up and vanquish the inconsiderate good people from the world.


The Ultimate Evil has an underground command center where his goblin forces do his bidding such as mining gold or building battle armaments.  Sometimes he has to defend it from invaders, and other times there are other creatures hanging out below the surface that are infringing on his territory that need to be eradicated.  The Ultimate Evil’s soldiers do need to go the surface at various points to launch an offensive on the good guys.  If Diablo III has taught us anything, it is when given the opportunity people will relish the opportunity to violently kill a pastel colored unicorn.  The makers of Dungeons II took note of this, and granted such opportunity.

This game is simply hilarious.  The British narrator constantly expresses his dissatisfaction with the pace at which the player accomplishes things, calling you things such as the lazy evil or procrastinating evil.  There are numerous references to larger franchises such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones which are all done to add humor.


Dungeons II is not the greatest dungeon keeper in existence or the greatest RTS, but as anyone who has played RPGs should know that hybrid classes never excel in any area beyond a pure specialist, but the combined attributes of both do make them a unique and powerful force.  This can also be said Dungeons II combination of dungeon keeper and RTS.  It may be good, not great, at each individual component but the combined value leads to be a very satisfying and entertaining game.  The PS4 version has the advantage of including all the optional DLC, but having played both versions this is definitely a game that is better with a mouse and keyboard over a gamepad.  Either way, it really just boils down to personal preference.  Fans of dungeon keepers, RTS, dry British humor and fantasy settings owe it to themselves to check out Dungeons II.



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