Valve, apparently in an attempt to sneak one by everyone, has had some pretty big improvements implemented into Dota 2 over the last two days. The new Dota 2 – Reborn update has finally been merged with the main client and the Source 1 Engine is now a thing of the past. Along with this, a few changes have been made to the game itself as well, particularly the new leveling system “Dota Levels”.

Dota Levels is designed to be a “Measure of your lifetime Dota achievements”. Essentially, you earn Trophy Points and each 100 Trophy Points upgrades your Dota Level by 1 point. These levels and trophies are purely cosmetic and will not have any effect on the actual gameplay itself. It will, however, certainly have a major effect on bragging rights!

A new “Tournaments” section was added as well, for your Dota viewing pleasure. This will be for viewing tournaments, either live or replayed. With Dota 2 being an increasingly popular game and e-sport, this function will no doubt be handy for many Dota fans out there. This is a booming industry, as according to, the worldwide e-sports market has reached 134 million viewers. Valve is no doubt going to be keeping themselves a part of the pack in regards to e-sports.

Today was much less lively with two smaller updates that were pushed through, mostly fine-tuning, fixing bugs and other typical update miscellany. Who knows, maybe a third update will push through before those of us on the west coast go to bed. So go fire up those game clients, fellow gamers. Keep an eye out for some of the other little updates, like the new Weather Effect items (Harvest, Pestilence and Sirocco) and the 2 new trophies. Tell us what you think about the new additions to the game here in the comments or drop me a line anytime via e-mail, Twitter or (of course) on Steam.

Happy Gaming!


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